The beauty of reminiscing: A pregnancy time-lapse


July 24, 2017 | Shez


Can you guess which of my pregnancies this was?


Right. The first. Ain’t no mama got time for that crap when they’ve got kids on the outside of their womb.


And yet as I look back on this video I see the beauty of impending parenthood; my fresh, well-slept, naïve but wonderfully expectant self, waiting and diligently preparing to meet this little boy who I would come to love in a way I never imagined.



The tiny boy in this video (who apparently already had a real ‘thing’ for his dummy) just turned three. He’s a proper little guy now, complete with an amazing and complex assortment of funny quirks, strengths and irritating habits. The journey has been full of every feeling under the sun, and yet when I reminisce on our story, joy is the loudest voice.


Of late, I’ve been slowly learning the art of enjoying my kids. I know. It sounds a bit odd and pretty basic. But it’s been a life transforming ride for me. I’ve been learning how to fill up my mind and heart with gratefulness for the smallest and best things.


The kisses. The holding hands. The giggles. The warm heads and feather-soft hair tucked under my neck. The toes. The “extra cuddles” in the middle of the night. All the 'firsts'. The sounds of their joy. Their take on the world. The very funny and adorable first words and phrases.

It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been changing my whole experience of motherhood as I embrace a new way of thinking - a renewed mind.


So I thought I’d share some of my favourite little things that my big 3-year-old has said in the past couple of years. I hope they make you smile and remind you to fill your heart with these things too, as strength for the journey. Enjoy.


“Ivzy ivzy” (fizzy wizzy soda water)

“Nook at my neg!” (look at my leg)

“Diffie Paycool” (different Playschool)

“Nuvvie Mummy” (love you Mummy)

“Peasen and corn” (peas and corn)

“Date Nanna and Date Dan Dan” (Great Nanna and Great Grandad)

“You nittle negend” (You little legend)

“Tiet Daddy, Eden’s eeping!” (Quite Daddy, Eden’s sleeping)

“Sesee Steet” (Sesame Street)

“Tocktoach” (Cockroach)

“Gally-up, gally-up” (giddy-up)

“Dat was a nooooong day” (That was a long day)

“Seven of tock” (Seven o’clock)

“Shocolate is my best” (I think we can all interpret this one just fine)

“Da-serk” (dessert)

“More babies and sisters” (You sure you’re ready for that bud?)

“May-and-aisse” (mayonnaise)

“Callepita” (caterpillar)

“Binocelees” (binoculars)

“I’m just getting my pyjamas off everyguys!” (whilst hearing other kids playing outside the tent when camping)

“Bicycle bin” (recycling bin)

“I’m massegesizing you!” (whilst shaking Ross back and forth at the shoulders)

“Ephelant” (elephant)

“COMING! READY WHEN I’M NOOOOTTT!” (Not sure that’s quite right mate)

Whilst sitting on the toilet, yells out:

“Escuse me, does corn come out of your boddem?”



Isn’t it amazing how reminiscing can feel kind of sacred, and even healing in the midst of the challenges of these first years of parenting. All of a sudden you get teleported out of an ordinary (and often quite challenging) today and realise you’re in the middle of this big, beautiful, crazy, unrelenting story. And it’s going so fast. And it’s so special.


Breathe in these precious moments. Write them down. Take the photos. Video the heck out of your kids doing the everyday things so that in the process, your mind and heart will be more tuned in and filled up with the beauty and the sweetness of our littles and this big mama journey.  


Philippians 4:8 (MSG)

Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. 



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