Dear Mum of Little People: 37 moments you've probably had

May 13, 2017 | Nina & Shez


Here's 37 moments we think you've probably also had in the past 365 days:


✔ Put a fresh nappy on your baby to go out and smelled the death-smell as you lower them into their car-seat


✔ Crawled like some kind of highly trained marine to retrieve a dummy from under the bed


✔ Wiped multiple snotty noses with your own sleeve, hand or whatever clothing you have on


✔ Found an entire cup of cold tea that you never got time to drink


✔ Run like your were doing time-trials for the Olympics to try and get to your crying toddler before they wake up the baby


✔ Nearly broken your neck when you tripped on some kind of child accessory – capsule, lego brick, bouncer, toy car, soccer ball etc


✔ Persevered with breastfeeding even when it feels like you’re feeding:

a) a stapler

b) a baby who hasn’t eaten, ever

c) a baby who, despite having a full 40 minute feed, needs only 12 minutes sleep before they’re ready to do it all over again

d) a baby who would still like to participate in all usual activities, with your nipple in their mouth


✔ Finally got round to sorting out those toy boxes and put everything in it’s rightful place only to find the contents strewn across the room 15 minutes later


 ✔ Sat on the floor in the toilet encouraging and cheering on your child mid-poop


✔ Stubbed your toe as you fumbled around in the night to tend to your crying baby


✔ Picked up a poo from

a) the floor

b) the bath (but that poo has now become 150 different tiny floating poos)

c) the wall, yep – the wall


✔ Researched another strategy on toilet training


✔ Left the house with vomit on your clothes (and didn’t really care)


✔ Had less than two hours sleep but didn’t have time to be tired the next day


✔ Stepped on peas, Weet-bix, yoghurt, jam, soup or baked beans… barefoot


✔ Swore your baby just bit your nipple right off


✔ Had a miniature heart attack when your kid fell off something


✔ Chased a naked child around the house trying to get a nappy and/or clothes on them


✔ Hidden from your children to eat chocolate or other treats because you just didn’t want to share


✔ Taken 2 hours just to get the family into the car to leave the house, then seriously considered just staying home for a nap instead


✔ Just finished settling your toddler back to sleep after 30mins, crawled into bed, got comfortable and heard your baby cry for her next feed


✔ Cut a piece of toast into 11 tiny pieces because ‘that’s how they like it’


✔ Finally got some “me time” alone in the house to relax and chose to use it vacuuming


✔ Said “his turn and then your turn” 786,340 times before midday


✔ Eaten half a leftover cracker and a grape from your kid’s plate for lunch and felt reasonably satisfied


Sometimes you have to laugh but mostly you want to cry. Motherhood is the most demanding, stretching, full-time, relentless, unpaid job you will ever have and yet somehow it is the most precious time of your life. Even at it’s worst you still wouldn’t trade it for anything (though, a week in Hawaii would be pretty awesome!)


So here’s to some other things you may have done this last year, the ones that remind us that raising little people is also an incredible gift.


✔ Looked through pictures of your kids on your phone when they were finally in bed asleep


✔ Missed them when you dropped them at school or day care


✔ Talked in bed with your partner about the funny things your kids said that day


 ✔ Popped your head into their room to watch them sleep


✔ Texted your partner 50 pictures of the kids when he’s at work


✔ Dreamed of having another even though you’re one step away from losing the plot


✔ Forgotten how upset you felt during your sleepless night when your baby smiled at you first thing the next morning


✔ Marvelled at how clever and curious they are


✔ Let them fall asleep feeding so you could cuddle them a little longer


✔ Wanted EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to know that your baby just smiled, sat up, crawled, took their first step, said their first word - as though it was the first time in history


✔ Done a happy dance when they finally pooped in the actual toilet


✔ Woken up and done it all again the next day!


Happy Mother’s Day Super Mummas!


💜 Nina & Shez


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