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This is me and my family. My husband is my greatest joy and my biggest encourager - our love story continues to be written. My boys, Micah (6) and Caleb (5) are a cocktail of sweet, goofy, sensitive, loving, silly and high maintenance; they are a package deal and have been besties since 2013. Our baby girl Maya (1) is the cherry on top and we all adore her, especially her Daddy!


I’ve always wanted to fix the world and its problems. I agonise that there seem to be no easy solutions to all of the hurt and injustice I see. Becoming a parent gave me a whole new sphere in which to learn that there are no easy solutions or codes to be cracked because much like the rest of humanity, our little people are individuals that have a story. Instead we love as hard as we can and hold on through all the crazy, praying that grace will fill the cracks that we cannot.


I met my husband Jon in 2006 in what was the most magical and fun year of my teenage days. I was 14 and thought he was so dreamy. After 6 months of knowing him, he and his family moved to Perth, Western Australia and he faded from my memories. Little did I know, he had never stopped thinking of me. After many MSN chats, an awkward phone call or two, one almost visit to England, one actual visit to England and a million emails, I made the move to Perth and we got engaged 6 weeks later on my 19th birthday. We were married 6 months later; it was the easiest and best decision I have ever made.


Early in our marriage we both felt God challenge us about our thoughts on having kids. We had always trusted God 100% in everything and never worried about where we would live or how everything would work out – we just trusted. Suddenly we had this huge life decision of when to start a family that we were planning all by ourselves. We mulled it over for a good while until one day I picked up my phone to text Jon saying 'Hey, let's trust God for his timing with kids instead of planning our own', only to receive a message from him at that exact moment saying the same thing! And so, 10 months into our marriage I fell pregnant with Micah. (Read more about my entry to motherhood here).


The whirlwind theme carried on as 7 months after Micah was born I fell pregnant with Caleb and then he surprised us all by arriving 7 weeks early, putting the boys just 13 months apart.


I have learned so much these past 5 years but it has definitely been a beautiful struggle. I know that becoming a mum so early on is a huge part of my story and the struggles we have had are too. I'm looking forward to sharing some of those stories with you.



I still remember the moment I saw that positive pregnancy test as a fresh 23-year-old. I couldn’t believe it. My husband Ross and I had done lots together, but we'd never been parents! We were surprised, nervous, excited and grateful. And had absolutely no idea what was coming!


Fast forward 4 years and I’m the mum (it still feels weird to say!) to three small people. My boy Harper (4) is a huge softie and Ross affectionately refers to him as "Mr Vocal Chords" coz every day is just one very, very long commentary of what's going on. He's an incredibly sweet kid and loves to please people. 


I can already tell that our girl Eden (2) is completely different - she's full of confidence, strength and independence. She takes after her dad and was born with super-human muscle tone and her favourite phrase is "Net me do it!". Both our kids have this beautiful sense of joy and are just starting to realise that they're in this together - pretty special. 


Some days it hits me really hard - it’s pretty much up to me to teach them how to be humans… no biggie. It’s not like I’m the one who can unlock their life potential, give them stability and confidence in who they are and model how to positively contribute to the world around us...


I thought I’d had a fair bit of life experience under my belt before that momentous day when my body involuntarily ejected a tiny person. I’d lived in Rwanda (Africa) for a while, been to university, got married at 21, become a (very) small-scale popstar (I’m pretty sure that every radio announcer invented a new version of my name - who reads 'Sheryn Binks' as 'Sherwin Blinks'?!) and learnt how to be a film-maker/small business owner. Yet none of this seemed to prepare me for the insurmountable task of raising children.

Motherhood. Isn’t it just something else? Isn’t it just the most bizarre combination of beauty & pain, of laughter & frustration, sacred and 


You get the point. It’s the most un-glamorous, un-romantic way to become the person I’ve always dreamed of being. Kind, compassionate, fun, carefree, selfless, patient, humble, beautiful. It’s a daily labour of love, in the true sense of the word.


And through it all, I get a small glimpse of the kind of love my Heavenly Father has for me. And it floors me. He’s so much better at this than I am! And in the midst of the heartache moments, tears streaming down my face as I look toward another challenge I swear I’m not cut out for, I’m gently reminded that this is what it takes to become more like Him. To become the person He made me to be.

Our hope and prayer is that this online space would be a sort of honest, raw account of our journey through this craziness. That together we wouldn’t just survive them, we’d really live the colourful days of motherhood. 


i'm the wife of ross, earth's best curly haired man (I may be biased) and 3 small humans. i love the journey of being a mum. I love that it's changing me from the inside out. I also love donuts.

AND i'm shez

The Colourful Days of Motherhood | Blog

i'm married to jon, Full time mum to two

crazy boys and 

a baby girl.

I'm learning how to sew, grow food & see the joy in the struggle. 

hey,  i'm nina



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